ALH Offers Mammography in 2 Convenient Locations

Athens-Limestone Hospital
   700 West Market Street
   Athens, AL 35611

Athens-Limestone Diagnostic Center
   15243 Greenfield Drive
   Athens, AL 35613
   Corner of Lindsay Lane & Hwy. 72
   In the Athens-Limestone Medical Village
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Call 256-216-9696 for an appointment at any of these locations.

Mammography is performed to screen healthy women for signs of breast cancer. It is also used to follow-up on findings from screening or to evaluate a woman who has symptoms of breast disease. Mammograms are the best way to find breast cancer early.

A mammogram is the best test for breast cancer.
Mammography can detect cancers before you can feel them with your fingers
Annual screening mammograms, beginning at age 40, reduce death from breast cancer
While mammograms successfully find most breast cancers, like all medical tests, mammography is not perfect. A mammogram may show abnormalities that are not breast cancer, or not show an abnormality that is breast cancer.
Sometimes the doctor will use ultrasound or MRI to further examine an abnormality and evaluate the next best step.
Sometimes a woman may find an abnormality not found on her mammogram. If you find anything unusual, call your doctor right away. Don't wait.

Make sure to tell your doctor if there is a family history of breast cancer. However, every woman is at risk for breast cancer. When detected early, breast cancer can be treated successfully.

From Age 20 On

Have a clinical breast exam by a doctor or nurse at least every 3 years. Learn how to examine your breasts and call your doctor if you find anything unusual.

At Age 40

Have a clinical breast exam and mammogram every year. Examine your breasts and call your doctor if you find anything unusual.

Remember - Bring your previous mammograms with you if you are changing to one of our mammogram facilities.