Athens Limestone Home Medical Equipment

Athens Limestone Home Medical Equipment provides respiratory and home care services and equipment to patients, facilities and consulting services throughout North Alabama. Patients receive careful monitoring and regular professional evaluation by trained personnel.

It is our mission to work closely with rehabilitation facilities, physicians, case managers, home health agencies, patients and their families to assure optimum patient care.

Quality of Life

Our programs are designed to reduce hospital readmissions and improve the patient's quality of life following discharge.

By working with hospitals and sub acute rehabilitation centers and by following patients into the home care environment, we are uniquely positioned as an industry leader in post acute health care services.

Our outpatient follow-up prevention program reduces the incidence of hospital readmissions.

We utilize a staff of credentialed Respiratory Care Practitioners licensed by the states we service.

Our home care services provide a continuum of care from the hospital to the home. In the home we continue to provide rehabilitation and monitoring to improve the patient's quality of life, including:

Individualized patient and family teaching, written instructions and easy to understand patient information.

Care under the direction of the patient's physician according to each individual's needs

A continuous follow-up and prevention program designed to reduce the incidence of hospital readmission

A professional and well trained staff

Billing services

24/7 on call response

Free Delivery

In addition to all types of oxygen and respiratory devices, we offer the following:

Wheelchairs, Walkers, Canes, and Crutches

Bathroom Safety Devices

Bedside Commodes


Other Specialty Equipment

Contact us at 256-232-4302 for more information.