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Women's Services

We have a new look to greet mothers and babies at ALH

ALH was the first hospital in North Alabama to offer the most modern concept in obstetrical care, LDRP systems. The private LDRP suites are designed so that each phase of the birth experience takes place in one luxurious, family-centered setting. The suites have cherry cabinetry, rocking chair, rooming-in bassinet and Hill-Rom sleeper chairs provided by the Athens-Limestone Hospital Foundation and ALH volunteers. Well-designed cherry headboards conceal the medical apparatus, elegant wall coverings, crown molding and window treatments add to the ambiance. Appearance is important, but the true beauty of the ALH MBU is the state-of -the art equipment. A recent donation made by a private donor has allowed the unit to purchase two new incubators. Additionally, a grant from the Alabama Department of Public Health has provided equipment and training for the MBU staff to conduct newborn hearing screenings.

While there, laboring mothers benefit from a state-of-the-art monitoring system that allows nurses to monitor the mother from either the bedside or the nurses' station, and document her progress at the bedside, allowing more time for the nurse to be at the mother's side.

In addition to the LDRP services, ALH offers prenatal and postpartum services to mothers delivering there. Childbirth classes taught by a certified childbirth educator are offered monthly, and the Best Start program provides prenatal and postpartum care coordination services for all participants. Home visits are furnished by the ALH Home Health Department and are intended to contribute to infant health outcomes, improved maternal-infant interaction and improved use of community resources.

A breastfeeding class taught by a certified lactation consultant is free to moms who deliver their babies at ALH, and nurses who are certified bereavement counselors also provide support to parents who have lost their babies. This nationally recognized program is entitled "Resolve Through Sharing" and is sponsored by the ALH Foundation.

ALH also provides every mother a gift bag with educational materials and a variety of necessary and useful products, including an instructional video on caring for your new baby, courtesy of Pampers.

Dabbs says the mothers who choose to deliver their babies at ALH find advantages they might not at a larger hospital. "We are a hometown hospital, so when you come here, it's like you're home, like you're part of the family," she says. "Because we are small, we can spend a lot more time with patients. They get great care, and the feeling that we take care of them like they would want their own families to be taken care of."