The Most Advanced MRI Comes to Athens-Limestone Hospital

An addition you can count on for better patient healthcare at Athens-Limestone Hospital.

The Signa Continuum MRI is the centerpiece of the newly expanded Diagnostic Services department at Athens-Limestone Hospital. In response to the demand for high-field imaging in our community, Athens-Limestone Hospital has secured a high-field magnet (1.0 Tesla) that is capable of performing highly specialized and technically demanding procedures in addition to those that are routinely available in "open" MRI systems with lower magnet strength.


Athens-Limestone Hospital's new MRI is the MOST POWERFUL MRI in the area which means it will provide your physician with more information to make a more accurate diagnosis right here in your community hospital.


Athens-Limestone Hospital's new MRI is the FASTEST MRI in the area which means your procedure will take less time.


Athens-Limestone Hospital's new MRI can perform a WIDER VARIETY of procedures and provide BETTER IMAGE QUALITY than other MRIs giving you a better understanding of your condition and providing your doctors with the best information available to diagnose and treat your condition. If you think the new MRI could be useful in your care and treatment, talk with your physician.

What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging?

MRI uses magnetic fields and radio waves to produce a highly accurate anatomic image. It is painless and extremely safe because no radiation is used. The level of detail that can be seen is extraordinary compared with other imaging methods. It is the method of choice for the diagnosis of many types of injuries and conditions such as:

Cranial imaging
Breath-hold abdominal imaging
Scans of the liver, pancreas, adrenals and kidneys
Orthopedic and sports-related injuries
Circulatory imaging (angiography of major vessels such as the aorta and carotid)
Stroke assessment for earlier detection and treatment and post-stroke tracking

A Better Choice for You

Stroke Patients

The new MRI can identify patients that have suffered a stroke, identify the extent of damage, and allows your physician to track the progress of post-stroke therapy.

Vascular Patients

Major circulatory vessels such as the aorta and carotid can be examined without the lengthy invasive procedures previously required.

Orthopedic Patients

Being a weekend warrior or a high school athlete can lead to sports-related injuries. Athens-Limestone Hospital's new MRI can help your physician better diagnose and treat these types of injuries so you can get back in the game sooner and healthier.

Cancer Patients

The new MRI system requires no radiation.

A Better Choice for Physicians

Faster and More Accurate Diagnosis

Athens-Limestone Hospital offers the most powerful MRI in the area that allows for faster and more accurate diagnoses. In general, patients have educated themselves about MRI and have developed a very pronounced preference for the type of MRI system they want for their imaging exam. Many patients feel that "Open MRI" systems are best. Although open systems offer some degree of flexibility for larger patients and reduce the likelihood of claustrophobia, there are some limitations with the open system, particularly with procedures that require a high level of image resolution. Radiologists generally favor high-field systems due to their superior quality, faster acquisition speed, and wider range of applications. Shortened scan times and superior image quality are features of the high-field system which reduce the time the patient spends for their procedure.

Stroke Assessment

Athens-Limestone Hospital's new MRI offers diffusion weighted imaging which is not clinically useful on lower field Open systems. Diffusion weighted imaging is able to quickly identify patients that have suffered a stroke and identify the extent of damage. Diffusion weighted imaging allows the physician to track post-stroke therapy. For stroke patients, this type of imaging can quickly assess a stroke and identify the extent of the damage. It also allows the physician to track post-stroke therapy so they can better evaluate the patient's progress.

Non-Invasive Vascular Analysis

The new MRI is very useful in diagnosing and treating patients with vascular disease (diseases of the circulatory system) which previously required invasive procedures. The patient's vascular disease can be diagnosed avoiding a lengthy and invasive diagnostic angiogram. Lower field open systems do not provide the clarity and confidence to diagnose vascular disease.

Highest Resolution Orthopedic Imaging

Athens-Limestone Hospital's specialized orthopedic coil technology provides the highest resolution imaging which will significantly improve the diagnosis and treatment of fractures, sports injuries and tumors of the bone.

We couldn't be more excited about this new technology available right here in our hospital. This is a major investment in the health of our community, and having this capability will certainly benefit every patient that comes here.